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Scattering Seed | Caring Community | Humbie Cervera

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Community groups that connect to all people no matter what age/stage of life. We will be offering relational support systems so that people feel loved and genuinely cared for. Our communities will cover a wide variety of topics covering: marriage, finances, raising kids, recovery programs, divorce care, spiritual gifts, and more.

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We can’t produce a movement of God, but we can prepare for one, and that happens through prayer. Jesus said He would build His church and the gates of hell would not prevail against it and we believe His church is the hope of the world. Pray that we would be that kind of hope.

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We believe in the biblical method of stewardship called tithing. In this, you bring a first fruit, tithe (10%) offering to the storehouse (your local church). We believe that our lives work best when we trust God, including our finances. We have seen a multitude of stories of spiritual blessings when people trust God in this matter.

“At Akouo we want to listen to God, love people, learn our purpose, and link to our community.”

– Senior Pastor Humbie

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